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"The Land of Lomonosov" is a project, initiated in the account of 295th anniversary of Mikhail V. Lomonosov. It is dedicated to the third centenary since his birth. The jubilee will be celebrated in 2011 not only in Arkhangelsk region and Russian Federation, but all over the world. Committees on duty in Moscow and Arkhangelsk have already been founded and the anniversary arrangements have been made up as well.

The web-site www.dvinainform.ru would be on your disposal to find news about the anniversary preparations and breaking news of Arkhangelsk region - the native land of the great scientist.
The project is carried out by the news agency "Dvina-Inform" with the assistance of the Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University.


M. V. Lomonosov Biography


Arkhangelsk Region


The Map of Arkhangelsk Region

Essential Dates of M.V.Lomonosov's
Life and Creative Work

300 trees to be set and schooner to be floated off by the jubilee of Lomonosov

28.01.2011, 12:32
There are preparations to the 300-year jubilee of Mikhail Lomonosov in Arkhangelsk region. The preparations in other regions are also under way. Marat Ziganov, academic adviser of Lomonosov School (Moscow), Ed.D, told IA 'Dvina-Inform' about plans and projects...

New silver coin dedicated to Lomonosov to be presented

27.01.2011, 11:03
The bank of Russia is to issue about 5 thousand silver coins of 2 rouble Scientist M.V.Lomonosov, by 300-year jubilee (19.11.1711) within collection Outstanding persons of Russia in the second half of the year...

Lomonosovs jubilee to be celebrated worldwide

26.01.2011, 18:25
More 60 international, all-Russian and region events are to be held In Arkhangelsk region in honor of 300-year jubilee of Mihail Lomonosov...

New specialized training school to be established in the homeland of Lomonosov

25.01.2011, 13:47
The region head Iliya Mikhaltchuk applied to the authorities for additional financing to build specialized bone carving school

Lomonosov jubilee year in Pomorie bids fair to be busy

24.01.2011, 19:33
A 300 - year jubilee of our landsman Mikhail Lomonosov will be held in 2011, more than 60 international and all-Russian events are to organized in Arkhangelsk region

No worry for parents of Lomonosov Lyceum students

24.01.2011, 19:29
Some citizens are anxious about the future of their children seeing the Arkhangelsk city lyceum 19 changing into Lomonosov gymnasium. Sergey Parugin, the director, gave comments about consequences of this change to IA Dvina-Inform

Another prestige award in Pomorye

28.12.2010, 10:56
Metropolitan publisher Vita-Press presented a letter to the Lomonosov fund president, academician Nikolay Lavrov approving the establishment of Lomonosov award for innovative research and educational activity and expressing willingness to assign a sum of 100 thousand rubles

The house of Lomonosov may be opened by the end of July 2011

28.12.2010, 10:54
The building of research educational centre The house of Lomonosov at Popova st. is the monument of history and culture of XIX century. Its restoration began two years ago but the combusted economic crisis delayed the activity...

Dedicated to Lomonosovs jubilee activities to be held in June and November next year

28.12.2010, 10:52
Lomonosov fund Administrative board gave an approved plan of forthcoming Lomonosovs 300 -year jubilee celebration. This includes Russian and regional activities to be held in scientific and educational institutions, universities in Arkhangelsk, local governments

Activities plan on preparation for 300 year jubilee of Lomonosov to discussed in Moscow

21.12.2010, 19:01
Organizing committee conference on preparation and celebration of 300 year jubilee of a great scientist is to be held today in Moscow State University n.a. M.V.Lomonosov in the Academic Council hall

Koryazma looks back on Lomonosov

08.12.2010, 17:43
The Lomonosov hall was opened in the school 2 of Koryazhma (a town in Arkhangelsk region) on the threshold of a coming 300-year jubilee of Mikhail Vasilevitch Lomonosov

In the track of Lomonosov under space monitoring

06.12.2010, 19:30
Project participants Fish caravan -2 made to coincide with 300-jubelee of M.V.Lomonosov have arrived in Arkhangelsk today

Quiz winners In the Homeland of M.V.Lomonosov are named

29.11.2010, 13:05
Students of 89 schools in Arkhangelsk region took part in the quiz. 211 papers from Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk and fifteen areas were introduced to organization men. Young people answered giving pictures and comments to the questions

The city of shipwrights gives Lomonosov awards

19.11.2010, 17:12
Lomonosov contest winners of six categories are named in Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region). The award is 50 000 rubles

A one year exactly till Mikhail Lomonosovs jubilee to hold

19.11.2010, 10:24
Pomorie is holding a 299 year of the most famous countryman Mikhail Vasilevitch Lomonosov. Within celebration round tables, meeting and conversaziones are to be held in Arkhangelsk

The Land of Lomonosov project presented in scientific session in NSMU

18.11.2010, 16:47
Scientific session Medical schools of European North within the XXXIX Lomonosov recitation took place in Northern State Medical University in Arkhangelsk

The recitation n.a. Lomonosov devoted to the Arctic

18.11.2010, 13:34
Events of traditional 39th Lomonosov recitation have been held this mouth in Arkhangelsk region, the main point of which is The Arctic vector of Russian development

Contest of young research n.a. M.V.Lomonosov to start

18.11.2010, 13:27
Kenozersky national park announces the first tour of 9th Arkhangelsk regional contest of young research works named after M.V.Lomonosov and welcomes pupils of the North-West federal district to participate

The Homeland of Lomonosov program needs priorities

18.11.2010, 12:24
The regional long-term program The homeland of Lomonosov for 2009-2011 has 29 points, though it is half realized because of financing cutting

Preparation for Lomonosovs jubilee requires an additional financing

15.11.2010, 15:05
Particularly five million rubles are provided for in the regional budget next year to finish rebuilding of schools in Kholmogory village and Lomonosovo, but the sum required is thirty million rubles more...

Training bone carving complex building is to be started in Lomonosovo village in 2011

15.11.2010, 15:05
The updated talent foundry for bone carving training is to appear in the homeland of the first Russian academician in Lomonosovo village. It will include workshops, dormitory, assembly hall and a boarding house...

Lomonosov award was given to physicians, scientists, journalists, an actor and professor

12.11.2010, 11:40
The winners nominated for award n.a. M.V.Lomonosov are named in Arkhangelsk region. The board chose 15 studies, and 5 projects were nominated for the award...

Pomorie is to hold the Folk art Festival named after N.K. Meshko

10.11.2010, 15:59
Arkhangelsk makes preparations for holding the 1st Russian national folk art festival named after Nina Meshko. It is the first festival of such high level that took place in Arkhangelsk region. Folk Ensemble Russia named after Ludmila Zukina (Moscow) and famous singers Ludmila Rumina and Tatjana Petrova will perform before an audience not only in Arkhangelsk, but in Severodvinsk and Novodvinsk as well...

The Nominees for the Lomonosovs award are now designated

09.11.2010, 11:17
The first public hearings on research works of the nominees for the Lomonosovs award took place in Arkhangelsk. Among creative and scientific achievements there are art, engineering and innovative researches submitted to approval, the total number is 15 research works

Ecological bridge between Alaska and NARFU

02.11.2010, 18:23
In the mid of October 2010 at Northern (Arctic) Federal University there was a visiting professor of Fairbank University in Alaska Falk Huettmann. Dr, Falk Huettmann represents the interests of Biology & Wildlife Department of the Institute of Arctic Biology. He was officially invited by professor Alexander Polikarpov, the Dean of the Faculty of Translation of NARFU. Dr Falk Huettmann was accompanied by a young Russian colleague, an ecologist from PGU Dmitry Korobitsin, who was a coordinator of his visit and demonstrated a good command of Engish and German...

New institute will investigate Lomonosovs heritage

01.11.2010, 19:52
Lomonosov institute is established in the North Arctic Federal University. The director of the institute is the vice-president of Lomonosov fund,t he head of the department of pedagogy, psychology and professional training in N (A) FU, Professor Tatjana Butorina

Another Pomor encyclopedia volume is exposed to view

01.11.2010, 16:00
The editorial board of the forth Pomor encyclopedia volume Culture offers all persons interested to acquaint with the materials of new edition during the period from the 1st November to the 1st December and to revise it if necessary. The Pomor encyclopedia edition is an occasional for Mikhail Lomonosovs 300-year jubilee

The Art of declamation contest welcomes gifted reciters

18.10.2010, 12:14
A preparation for the region contest 'Our language is heavenly beautiful' devoted to 300-year jubilee of M.V. Lomonosov is now announced. Reciters, theatre of elocutionists, Music theatre, and literary theater can be the participants...

Kholmogory has got a chance to join celebrating a 400 year jubilee of the Romanovs.

15.10.2010, 17:16
The House of Romanov concern about the identification of relicts that can be relicts of John VI, Russian tsar. If identified, there can be reburial of these relicts found in Kholmogory village, Arkhangelsk region...

Scientists from Kholmogori found a possible Johns VI grave

11.10.2010, 10:44
There is a big stir in history. It is supposed, John IV, one of the Russian tsars took his last refuge in Kholmogori, Arkhangelsk region. He is exactly the one who came to the throne when he was born and the one who was dethroned by Elizaveta Petrovna in the middle of XVIII century. Two years ago in Kholmogori they found one unknown grave. Now scientists believe it is the grave of John IV

Mikhail Lomonosovs Descendant Congratulated PSUs Freshmen on the Knowledge Day

06.09.2010, 09:42
On the 1st of September, on a sunny autumn morning, a ceremonial line-up timed to the Knowledge Day took place with the sounds of the student anthem Gaudeamus in the Pomor State University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Arkhangelsk). Two thousand freshmen gathered at the square in front of the main building of the University carrying festive blue balloons decorated with the Universitys emblem...

The French will Plant 3 Million Pines in the Arkhangelsk Region

01.09.2010, 11:31
There is 28 million ha of forest on the territory of the Arkhangelsk region, 15 millions of which is leased to logging companies. About 60,000 ha is annually cut down. This hot summer has just aggravated the situation, so the region wont be able to restore 10,000 ha of the destroyed forest without assistance...

Arkhangelsk Received New Books and Films in French

31.08.2010, 10:13
As a gift from French Embassy in Moscow, the German-French reading room of the Arkhangelsk Regional Library has received 50 discs with fiction, documentaries, musical films, cartoons, country-specific films and books...

Lomonosovs Peak Is to Become a Place of Pilgrimage for the Regions Residents

26.08.2010, 15:35
On the threshold of M.V. Lomonosovs 300th anniversary one of the nameless peaks of the Caucasus in Kabardino-Balkaria now bears the great scientists name. This very peak was chosen because it is accessible not only to professional climbers but also to most of persons interested...

The Symbol of Pomoryes Capital is to be Restored

16.08.2010, 12:45
The monument to M. V. Lomonosov situated in the public garden near the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (ASTU) will be repaired in the near future. The very first monument to our brilliant compatriot erected in Arkhangelsk in 1832 will appear in a renewed form on the 300th anniversary of the great scientist...

The Council of Chancellors from Arctic countries Meets Young N(A)FU

12.08.2010, 14:47
Elena Kudryashova, N(A)FUs Chancellor, represented the Federal University at the Council of Chancellors from the Arctic Region that took place at the University of Fairbanks (Alaska). This years international forum was devoted to higher education reforming in the light of the Arctic territory development...

The Expedition to the Peak of Lomonosov Set off for Kabardino-Balkaria

12.08.2010, 10:17
The members of the expedition to the peak of Lomonosov have left Arkhangelsk for Kabardino-Balkaria. On the threshold of M.V. Lomonosovs anniversary his name is to be given to the peak Bukabashi (Kabardino-Balkaria), a part of the main Caucasian ridge...

Lomonosovs Name Will Be Given to the Elbrus Summit

09.08.2010, 10:17
There is a great variety of prominent peoples names on the map of the Caucasus: they are given to the peaks and passes. But one wont come across the name of the Russian scientist of genius - Mikhail Lomonosovs. The situation is going to be improved by Arkhangelsk journalists...

Kargopolsky Costume in the Country of Haute Couture

03.08.2010, 17:57
Kargopolsky expert Helen Dikova is the only northern woman who represented the Arkhangelsk region at the French festival Dialogue of Cultures. She showed to the Europeans what the Russian northern costume is...

School Leavers from Mirny Enter MSU in Target Areas for the First Time

19.07.2010, 13:46
On the threshold of M.V. Lomonosovs 300th anniversary four school leavers from Mirny (the Arkhangelsk region) will enter the most prestigious university of the country the Moscow State University - in target areas...

The 21st Site of the Ancient Human Is found on the Solovki

12.07.2010, 13:07
A primitive archaeological expedition of the Solovetsky culture preserve (the Arkhangelsk region) opened another field season that has already brought some interesting results. The findings discovered in one of the prospecting pits suggest the discovery of a previously unknown site of the Stone Age (Solovetsky-21)...

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